For boys and girls between 14 - 17 years old

What to expect from Venturer Scouts

Venturers are aged between 15 and 18 and function as a Unit. By this time, our youth members usually have a significant record of experiences and knowledge. The program for this section is derived by and put into action by the Venturers.

The theme for this section is to “Look Wide” and many opportunities are taken to explore vocational experiences such as having workshops with artists, mental health workers etc.

There are many courses that the Venturers can attend through the Scouts Association that will supplement their Curriculum Vitaes. Courses such as Unit Management, Initiative Course, Deep Thought, are all used to explore Venturers ideas about themselves and the grown up world around them.

The Unit is run like a committee and they learn these vital skills as part of running the Unit, and maintaining the requirements for their badgework achievements.

The Venturer Scout has a maroon Record Book. This is a record book that indicates the experiences and learnings of a Venturer. As expected with more experience and maturity, more is expected of them to achieve the extensive range of achievements available.

Venturers are expected to make more independent decisions about how the section will run; by developing a constitution and organizing activities and programs that offer fun, learning and opportunities to meet badgework requirements.

Pages 4 – 19 provide information on such things as the Scout Law and Promise, a summary of the Award Scheme and the pathway through this award scheme, badge positions etc.

Venturers have three main sections that they can work through during the course of their time in this section. The Venturer Award is the first section to approach and is addressed on pages 23 – 64 of the Record Book.

The Endeavor Award is explored on pages 65 – 68 and requires a great deal of time and dedication to be achieved.

The green section of the book explores the requirements to achieve the Queens Scout Award which is recognised as the pinnacle of achievement in the Venturer section and Scouting in general. The requirements for this are outlined on pages 69 – 98.

Further special interest badges are outlined on pages 100 – 109. It is expected that several of these will be undertaken during their time in Venturers.

The responsibility for this record book is held completely with the Venturer. Support for achieving badgework is shared between the Venturer and the Unit Council which defines how the Unit operates (through the constitution), and what badgework is completed when, etc (through programming).

Major Events for Venturer Scouts

Venturers can participate in several events. The primary event for Venturers is called a Venture. This is also held in different locations throughout Australia, every three years. The last Venture was held in Adelaide in 2015, while the next one is to be held in Queensland in January 2015. This event goes for 12 days.

Venturers get to select an expedition that goes for five days that begins on or the day after opening parade. The Unit size for this expedition is usually 16 – 18 Venturers with two Leaders. The expedition will have a specific theme such as scuba diving, Tall ship sailing, canoeing, abseiling etc.

Once the expedition is over, all Venturers return to the main event site to spend the next five days participating in a wide range of onsite and offsite activities while still working in the expedition Unit.

Once Venturers turn 15, they can access a huge range of International events such as World Jamborees, International Ventures held in other countries, or can participate in the Scout exchange program which can see them going to England, Japan or Sweden for six to eight weeks. International community service programs can also be participated in.

Meeting Structure

The 2 hour meetings are usually structured as follows:

  • Flag Break/ Parade
  • Activities – Themes, self directed
  • Closing Parade



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