March 2016

We were actually supposed to be going to Wallaby Mine. That was the one that Banksia had researched and knew something about! What Banksia didn’t expect was a life threatening (and bottom damaging) decline that saw her bite the dust on no less than three occasions! Zoe helped by falling down once, and Indigo nearly bit the dust. The most pleasant one though, was Yowie falling over too!

Needless to say, that the falling down meant that the Scouts at the front missed the turn off to Wallaby mine (admittedly it was an insignificant trail snuggled behind bushes), and we were down the bottom! Racabite Mine it was then! Banksia had had enough and getting over the creek bed and up to the entrance, was as far as she was going to go.

Everyone else went in with their head torches and explored the many tunnels. All too quickly, we had to leave so that there was some chance Banksia would make it back up the killer hill before the next day began!

Well done Kobi for getting half way up the hill before remembering your torch was still at the bottom!


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