Scouts had the opportunity this year to repair some of our old billy carts and to make some additions to our billy cart collection in preparation for the Cubs to use them at the upcoming Region camp.

It was terrific to review the specifications that the billy carts needed to meet to be eligible for use at the Region Cub camp and to design the additional 3 billy carts that would be needed. Designs were decided, drop saws were used to cut the timber, drills were used for the holes. Scouts learned about marking timber for accurate drilling and placement of the various pieces.  For older billy carts, they received a review for safety, a sand and a paint job to bring them back up to spectacular condition.

Once all of the hard work was done – over three weeks, it was time to give the new beasties a try! We used the dirt road next to the Scout Hall for our trials. Everyone survived the trials, no blood was shed. Maybe we couldn’t see the blood because it was too dark?? Not sure.


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