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Where do I put the badges I need for my uniform? How do I sew badges on?  What do I do with badges that I don’t need on my uniform anymore? What can I do with dad’s old badges? What’s a camp blanket?

These are really important questions and we have some info to help!

Where do I put the badges I need on my uniform?

The Scouts Association has established a protocol that outlines a consistent placement of badges for all sections. Follow these links to fond the basic badge placements for each section.

For the Beechworth badges (especially the tapes), here are the links to the suggested placement and spacings.

How do I sew badges on?

This is a tricky one! Joey Scouts and Cub Scouts can get a little (or a lot) of help from Mum, Dad or Grandma, but Scouts and upwards, are expected to sew their own badges onto their uniforms as a sign of respect to it (their uniform).

It is a tricky skill to learn and I know practice makes better (if not perfect!). So use the following link and sew, sew, sew!

What do I do with badges that I don’t need on my uniform anymore?

Badges that are not received through participation in a District, Region, major section or International event, are worn on the right side of the chest. They usually remain there for about three months or until the next event is attended.

Once this time is up, it is expected that the badge will be removed from the uniform and will find another place to live – this is usually a camp blanket!

What can I do with Dad’s old badges?

They could be Mum’s too! Have a discussion with them about how the badges were earned, what they meant to him or her, what silly stories they have got from participating in those activities!

After that, if they are willing to lend them to you to look after, your camp blanket is the safest place for them. Then you can tell your Scouting friends the stories they told you!

What’s a Camp Blanket?

Camp blankets are used to keep a Scouter warm around a campfire or on their bed of a night time. They are also a terrific place to keep old badges on display!

Camp blankets can be made of a variety of materials depending on age and needs. Camp blankets were historically 100% pure wool so that they were fire retardant. They were also really heavy and really scratchy! They can be bought from an op shop pretty cheap and can have a hood added to them if you want.

Cotton blankets aren’t great. They get heavy and sodden when wet, stretchy and generally wear out pretty quickly. Also, they are generally not very warm.

Polar fleece is a recent addition to the fabrics that are suitable for use as a camp blanket. They are light weight, really warm repel light rainfall, compact down to a small bundle for packing and come in a range of really great colours!

Polar fleece is not as fire retardant as wool, but tends to melt when exposed to heat rather than burst into flames, so is relatively safe when the right safety around fires is observed.

Please follow the following link to a document that will show you a “How To” on making a camp blanket of your own and some photos for inspiration!

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