Meet the Leaders

Donna Hughes – Banksia

Donna has been with us since 2008. She is regularly seen participating in the activities of all sections within the Group. Her background is in Guides with brothers that were involved in Scouts, and a mother that was a District Badge Secretary!

With two boys of her own, the choice was easy to become involved and keep the Scouting experience going strong in this community.

Donna strongly believes in the opportunities that Scouting can provide for children, adults and Leaders alike, and has seen the great benefits that can be achieved through Scouting time and time again.

Some of Donna’s favorite activities over the last few years have been being Akela for three Cuborees and sailing around Bruny Island, Tasmania on a Tall Ship for a Venture!

Bronwen Angelini – Boobook

Bronwen’s name is Bron to her Venturers and Boobook to our younger Scouts. Her Scouting background started with her brother being in Cubs and Scouts at the 1st Beechworth Scout Group in the 1970’s. In 2009 her son became a Cub and had so much fun, his sister became a Scout the next term.

She has watched both of her children grow and learn on personal levels, challenging themselves beyond belief. Attending camps, Jamboree Ventures and becoming amazing young adults.

Bron became the Assistant Venturer Leader in 2013, and has been having a blast ever since! Some of her favorite Scouting activities have been attending AG (Anything Goes), and VG (Vic Gathering with the Venturer Unit, and watching their independence grow.

Paul Bosanko – Bunyip

Bunyip is the primary Leader of both the Joey Scouts and the Cub Scouts. Bunyip became a Leader for the newly formed Joey Scouts for 1st Beechworth Scout Group, in 2009, to support his son’s participation in the program.

In 2011, Bunyip completed his training to become a Cub Scout Leader and has been looking after both sections since! Our Joey Scouts and Cub Scouts learn how to use compasses, read maps, tie knots and go to fantastic camps.

Bunyip encourages the youth members to step outside the square and not be afraid to give everything a go.

Watching his son and other kids grow into more confident youth whilst having “the bestest” time ever, is more than what any grown up could ask for.

Helen Leek – Eagle


leader-eagleHelen’s years in Scouting began when she was 18 when she joined a Rover Crew in Melbourne. It was through this that she met her husband Tim!

Many years later, after moving to the country and becoming settled in Chiltern, her eldest son was old enough to join Cub Scouts. They joined him up so he could begin to learn new life and leadership skills.

Jeremy began his Scouting time at Rutherglen, but when it came time for him to link up to Scouts he needed to go elsewhere.  At the time, Rutherglen did not have Scouts. So, Jeremy ended up at Beechworth! Since then, the rest of the family has slowly joined the movement as they became of age.

Helen now has one in Joeys, one in Cubs, one in Scouts and one in Venturers. Helen is now the Assistant Joey and Cub Leader, and Tim is the Rover Advisor – a real family commitment!

Helen identifies her best experience to date as going to Cuboree 2014 and seeing the Cubs trying amazingly new and different things.

Tim Leek – Grover

Tim started his Scouting career as a Cub at 2nd Thomastown in Melbourne. He remained at 1st Thomastown while he was a Scout and attended the 13th Australian Jamboree at Ipswich, Queensland.

Tim became a member of the combined 1st and 2nd Thomastown Venturer Unit. At this time, the World Jamboree of 1987 – 88 was being held in Cataract Park, New South Wales and along with over 14,000 Scouts from 98 countries from all over the world, Tim attended.

Tim successfully achieved his Queens Scout Award while a Venturer then went onto Rovers at the Nillumbik Rover Crew and there met Helen.

Tim and Helen shifted to the country, settled in Chiltern and as the first of four children reached Scouting age, introduced him to Cubbing in Rutherglen. This family now has all members involved in Scouting and all are really committed to this way of life.

Tim’s role within the Group is a Rover Advisor, but recently became the Groups first member of the Police Scouters. This is the primary volunteer security service for all major events in the State and members must be or have been a full member of the Police Force to be eligible.

Colin Bowey – Yowie

Colin’s involvement with the 1st Beechworth Scout group began shortly after his son Lochie began in Cubs. Before this, Colin’s only experience with Scouting was living across the road from a Scout Hall in Shepparton where he grew up.

Lochie’s sister Amber started watching what was going on and decided that Scouts would be great for her! So, Colin began by regularly staying at Scouts to help Bushy the then Scout Leader.

Colin watched as Amber went off to Jamboree 2013 and has been heavily involved in Scouts since. While Amber has moved on, Lochie is now in Scouts.

Colin is now the Assistant Scout Leader and some of his favorite activities to do with the Scouts are geocaching and hiking.

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