February 2016

Thalia from the Scouts section was in need of an international experience to complete some badgework, so we invited ourselves to a Joeys night so that the Joeys could learn a little bit about Japan.

Thalia and Banksia dressed up in Kimonos. Bunyip dressed up like a Japanese business man – gave the Joeys a bit of a fright actually! Sacha and Will came “ala” Joey and had a fantastic time.

Thalia shoed the Joeys the Japanese tea ceremony, and they enjoyed some lovely green tea. We also tried green tea Kit Kats, some crazy blue mint sweet, green tea and white chocolate sticks among other things. It was then onto some Jasmine tea while the sushi experience was being set up.

What a night! Good food, good drink and good company – couldn’t ask for anything more!


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