For boys and girls between 6 - 7½ years old

What to expect from Joey Scouts

Joeys are boys and girls aged between six and eight. Each week there is a theme to the meeting that may include games, activities, crafts, and a story. The story or sometimes a song may take place while the Joey Scouts are having a small break in which they will share some fruit.

There is a sleepover that takes place at the Scout Hall usually once a school term. This is a big step in our young Joey Scouts finding confidence in sleeping away from home. Even if their parents are there, it’s still different!

Joey Scouts Badges

There are five badges that the Joey Scouts will work towards during their time in this section. The first four badges will be worked into the program by the Leaders at approximately one badge per one to two terms. If the Joey attends all relevant meetings they will achieve the badge. These badges are titled Environment, Care & Share, Buddy Scout and Adventure.

The fifth badge is the culmination of their experience in Joey Scouts and is called the Promise Challenge badge. It can be achieved during the transition phase to Cubs.

This badge can then be worn on the Cub uniform until the Bronze Boomerang section of the award scheme in Cubs is achieved.

Major Events for Joey Scouts

Joeys can attend an overnight camp that occurs every two years, the last one being held at Lardner Park, Drouin, in April, 2014. Joeys arrive at the site the Saturday morning. They spend the afternoon attending a range of themed activity bases, participating in games, crafty activities, challenges, and sensory experiences. There is a “campfire” in the evening, with lots of songs to sing and dance to.

Joeys then spend the night in huge tin sheds, sharing the space with several hundred other Joeys and Leaders. The next morning is more activity bases before closing parade and the trip home.

Meet the Leaders


Paul Bosanko a.k.a. Bunyip

Bunyip is the primary Leader of both the Joey Scouts and the Cub Scouts. Bunyip became a Leader for the newly formed Joey Scouts for 1st Beechworth Scout Group, in 2009, to support his son’s participation in the program.

Find out more about Bunyip

leader-eagleHelen Leek a.k.a. Eagle

Helen identifies her best experience to date as going to Cuboree 2014 and seeing the Cubs trying amazingly new and different things.

Find out more about Eagle

Meeting Structure

The 1 hour meetings are usually structured as follows:

  • Flag break HOP (Help Other People)
  • Themed activities
  • Break/snack
  • Themed activities
  • Flag break



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