Welcome to E-Learning!

The initial stages of your learning within the Scout Movement will take place online.

There are a series of units that cover the elements known as common core units. When the basic common core units are completed, they will not need to be repeated again regardless of the pathway your learning will take from that point.

For the section that you are specifically wanting to complete training in, the requirements will be identified within the Section tab for your section.

To begin your e-learning experience use the following steps:

  1. Go to www.sait.scouts.com.au
  2. Up on the top menu bar select your Branch (Victoria)
  3. Enter your Scout Membership number
  4. And, for your initial password use your birthday in the format 31/01/2011.
  5. You will now be in the main menu of the-learning program.
  6. You can change your password from here if you wish.

As you work through each unit, there will be documents that you will need to print out. Please make sure that these are kept for future reference.

As each unit is completed, there is a Certificate of Completion that you must print out as verification that you have completed that unit. If there is any loss of data within the system, this could be your only method of confirming that you have completed the unit.

If you are doing the learning live online, an automatic e-mail will occur to notify your Branch of the completion of that unit. I will also receive notification.

If you cannot access a computer with Internet, a disc with the e-learning can be obtained and the units can be done this way. Again the certificate of completions is extremely important as a copy of this needs to be forwarded to your Branch.

Once you have completed the units for the section that you are going to be a Leader in, you are free to undertake any other units in any other sections to increase your understanding of how these sections work and how they integrate with your Section.


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