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Scouts Racabite Mine 2016 image

Stanley March 2016 We were actually supposed to be going to Wallaby Mine. That was the one that Banksia had researched and knew something about! What Banksia didn’t expect was a life threatening (and bottom damaging) decline that saw her bite the dust on no less than three occasions! Zoe helped by falling down once, and Indigo nearly bit the dust. The most pleasant one though, was Yowie falling over too! Needless to say, that the falling down meant that the Scouts at the front missed the turn off to Wallaby mine (admittedly it was an insignificant trail snuggled behind bushes), and we were down the bottom! Racabite Mine it was then! Banksia had had enough and getting over the creek bed ...

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Australian Jamboree 2016 image

Cataract Park, New South Wales. January 2 - 14th 2016 Seven Scouts from the 1st Beechworth Scout Group headed off to AJ 2016 for 12 days of fantastic fun! They formed part of Troop C516 with Scouts from other Groups such as 1st Wodonga, 3rd Wodonga, and Tally Ho from Melbourne. The Leaders for the time were Bushy, Grumpy, Nugget and Banner. Banksia was there as a activity Leader at the Australiana Village. The first few days of Jamboree were very interesting with more than 64 Olympic size swimming pools of water being dumped on Cataract Park! We did get wet, we did have rivers going through our campsites. We had wet shoes, beds, you name it. The sun eventually came out ...

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Scouts Billy Carts Night 2015 image

Scouts had the opportunity this year to repair some of our old billy carts and to make some additions to our billy cart collection in preparation for the Cubs to use them at the upcoming Region camp. It was terrific to review the specifications that the billy carts needed to meet to be eligible for use at the Region Cub camp and to design the additional 3 billy carts that would be needed. Designs were decided, drop saws were used to cut the timber, drills were used for the holes. Scouts learned about marking timber for accurate drilling and placement of the various pieces.  For older billy carts, they received a review for safety, a sand and a paint job ...

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Scouts Bike Hike December 2015 image

Scouts Red Cord Hike December 2015 Beechworth to Wangaratta (Bowser Station) A pre requisite for Jamboree is to obtain the Pioneer Badge. To get the red cord and to complete the badgework requirements, Indigo and Lochie organised and co-ordinated a ride from Beechworth to Bowser Station just north of Wangaratta. It was a sweltering day, but the one that worked up the biggest sweat was Banksia! The Scouts spent just about every organised meeting place waiting for Banksia to catch up. It was interesting for the Scouts to see that the support vehicle may be the one to experience trouble rather than the ones who are participating in the activity! The Scouts did a terrific job and completed the task with efficiency, care and ...

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Scouts Breakup Dinner 2015 image

November 2015 For the last night of Scouts this year, it was decided to have a dinner party out the front of the post office. It was a glorious evening for the tables to be set up with white lined (well actually polyester), table clothes and silver candelabras. Scouts were to come dressed up and were given a budget of $20 to get themselves dinner from where ever they wished. They then came back and we ate our meals together in the main street. It always causes a bit of a stir as we get beeps from passing cars and strangers wanting to take photos! Our Scouts are very proud of their participation in Scouting and had a terrific evening to end ...

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Jamboree Shake Down Camp 2015 image

Beechworth Scout Hall November 2015 About two months before Jamboree begins, The Jamboree Troop Leader is advised of who will be in the Troop he is in charge of. This camp is enormously important in getting all of the participants in the Troop to get together to meet, learn about each other and to begin to understand the dynamics that need to happen once they are all at Jamboree. Scouts and their Leaders travelled from Wodonga mainly, Beechworth, and from Tally Ho in Melbourne. The Scouts find out which Patrols they will be in for Jamboree, who will be the Patrol Leaders and who will be Assistant Patrol Leaders. As well as setting up the camp how it will be once they get ...

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