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Kangaree 2016 image

Lardner Park, Drouin March 18 & 19, 2016 Every two years the Victorian Joey section puts on an enormous event for Joey Scouts aged between six and eight. Kangaree goes for around 24 hours with over 700 Joey Scouts arriving from all over the state arriving on Saturday to begin the fun. With nearly 350 Leader and another 150 service Leaders, Rovers and Venturers along to help, it is busy!! After setting up beds in two huge tin sheds, 400 to a hall, we head off to lunch and get ready for the afternoon of activities. There are 6 activity bases to work through - three Saturday afternoon, and three for Sunday morning. All the Joey Scouts try to get to as ...

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Joeys Japan Night 2016 image

February 2016 Thalia from the Scouts section was in need of an international experience to complete some badgework, so we invited ourselves to a Joeys night so that the Joeys could learn a little bit about Japan. Thalia and Banksia dressed up in Kimonos. Bunyip dressed up like a Japanese business man – gave the Joeys a bit of a fright actually! Sacha and Will came “ala” Joey and had a fantastic time. Thalia shoed the Joeys the Japanese tea ceremony, and they enjoyed some lovely green tea. We also tried green tea Kit Kats, some crazy blue mint sweet, green tea and white chocolate sticks among other things. It was then onto some Jasmine tea while the sushi experience was being ...

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Joeys Archery with Scouts image

Joey Archery Night 2015 It was great to have the Scouts come and visit the Joeys. Amber, Meggie and Imogen showed the Joeys how to make their own bow and arrows out of wooden skewers, duct tape (the answer to all the world’s problems!), a piece of string and some cork! There was a bit of concentrating, lots of fingers getting in the way, but they got there in the end! Targets were set up (not the Leaders), and the Joeys had a terrific time trying to hit them with the cork tipped arrows. Youth members present: Will Prebble, Eli Saunders, Finn Hoysted, Saskia Terlaak, Freya Boyd, Kirsten Leek, Dominic Denison, Sacha Davey, Reuben Oke, Saffron Duff Leaders: Donna Hughes (Banksia), Paul Bosanko (Bunyip), helen Leek (Eagle) Scouts: Amber Bowey, Imogen Sutton, Meggie ...

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