Town Hall Gardens, Beechworth
26 January 2016

The 1st Beechworth Scout Group takes a great deal of pride in participating in the Australia Day celebrations. We love the responsibility of giving out the Australian Flags and the temporary tattoos. Sometimes the youth members even wait until the visitors get out of the car!

This year we had some other special activities to reside over. Indigo gave the thanks speech to the elders of the area. Very nicely done Indigo.

We also looked after the Ned Kelly and girl and boy bickies graciously supplied by Beechworth Bakery for the younger members of the audience to ice and decorate. By the photos you can tell that for our youth members and Leaders the icing was the highlight of the evening.

It was great to raise and lower the flag this year and actually have a flag pole to do it on!

Also, Banksia met some lovely gentlemen from England at the recent Jamboree at Cataract Park in January, and they advised her that they would actually be in Beechworth when the Australia Day celebrations would be taking place. So they did! They thoroughly enjoyed their evening in our beautiful community.


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